Lion Express

1773 W. San Bernardino Road, Unit A1

West Covina, CA 91790

Tel: (626)338-0888

Fax: (626) 338-5888


Place an order or request a free quote by emaling or calling US at 626-338-0888

Terms and Conditions, etc.

  1. Pre-payment is required unless otherwise agreed to.
  2. If service is cancelled on day of service, payment in full for that day's service is required. Services that end earlier than expected will still be charged full amount. Any cancellations made after 12 PM the day before service are subject to a 50% penalty.
  3. Lion Express reserves the right to cancel any service on the spot or to refuse to drive on any roads where conditions are considered unsafe.
  4. Lion Express is not responsible or liable for any belongings stolen or left on bus or for any service delays created by weather, traffic conditions, or mechanical problems beyond our control.
  5. Charter group is responsible to pay for all tolls, parking fees and permits incurred at time of expense.
  6. Charter group is responsible for drivers accommodation's that occur on all out of town trips (Over the Road). If service exceeds 12 hours in a day; additional hours will be charged.
  7. A $50 clean up fee will be charged whenever any food and/or beverages are brought on board vehicle. In addition, a refundable security deposit of $300 is required if alcohol is consumed on bus.
  8. Driver gratuities are not included, unless otherwise specified.
  9. No animals except guide dogs as specified in California Civil Code Sections 54-55.2 are allowed on vehicle.
  10. All services are subject to a fuel surcharge with 30 days advance notice.
  11. Overnight accommodations for driver shall be provided by customer for all trips that require driver to stay overnight.
  12. 1% PUC TAX will be applied to all services, unless commercial carrier.
  13. Any pick ups at LAX/ONT/LAS/SNA shall have $5/$12/$15/$2.25 service fee added.
  14. All tools, park entry fees, permits, parking, etc. for vehicle shall be paid by customer.
  15. Premium rates will be applied to special sporting events such as The Rose Bowl/Parade or BCS Championship.

Updated 10/14/09